NoVA Hypnosis and Wellness is featured as a TOP Hypnosis pracitce in Northern Virginia.
“NoVA Hypnosis and Wellness is recognized as a TOP Hypnosis Practice throughout the Northern Virginia region and is Featured on the TOP Doctors Interviews which are seen on CNN Headline News, FOX News and CNBC”

NoVA Hypnosis and Wellness is the premiere Northern Virginia hypnosis center, located in Downtown McLean.  We are a team of certified hypnotists, Reiki practitioners, and other wellness providers collaborating to help people overcome the obstacles in their lives permanently and quickly.

We think differently.

We believe you don’t need more advice and counsel.  Rather, you already have everything you need inside yourself to change; you just may not know how to find and use those inner resources you already possess.  Hypnosis helps unlock creative solutions to just about any problem and has been used by highly successful people since the beginning of time.

Thomas Edison used hypnosis to invent.

Albert Einstein used hypnosis too.

Sigmund Freud started his mental health career as a hypnotherapist then developed the methodology of psychoanalysis.

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls used hypnosis during their massive winning streak.

Hypnosis is a natural state each of us enters into every day.

Most of the time, however, we are not aware we are in hypnosis and do not take advantage of those moments of heightened suggestibility.  As a result, we neglect to insert those ideas, thoughts, suggestions that would make us better and more resourceful people into our own subconscious.

Instead, suggestions from others, from advertisers, from our critical parents, from our angry bosses, or from thoughtless strangers, enter our subconscious without our realizing it.

At NoVA Hypnosis and Wellness, we uphold the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and compassion for our clients, treating each person and his or her problems with the utmost respect, providing hypnosis and wellness services that are unique and custom-tailored for that specific problem, for that specific client, on that specific day.


The welcoming atmosphere in our Northern Virginia hypnosis center spaces allows clients to feel at ease, ensuring they are able to relax immediately and enter hypnosis freely, allowing maximum time for the change process to work.  This safe, serene, and secure environment encourages our clients to let go of the problems from their past and step into their fullest, most authentic, and most productive self.

We are happy to say that our Northern Virginia hypnosis center is expanding to include more providers, as well as more group offerings, including hypnosis certification training, Reiki certifications, natural childbirth classes, and hypnosis groups for people suffering from chronic pain, cancer, grief, test anxiety, and stress.  Our providers consult and train together monthly to provide clients with the most up-to-date techniques, most well-rounded approach, and most profound transformative experience through hypnosis.

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