Amanda L.

I participate in a sport that takes as much mental ability as physical skill to succeed.  With the help of Ramzy at Nova Hypnosis and Wellness, I made amazing progress with a long-term and deeply ingrained confidence and anxiety issue.  It had plagued me for years, and I’d sought the help of other professionals with little improvement.

Ramzy was thoughtful in his approach and super positive.  Over the course of the sessions, he pushed my sub-consciousness to change how it handled the anxious situations.  He reduced the impact of my negative thoughts and feelings, and replaced them with confident, positive imagery.  He provided practices I could use outside of our sessions to continue to progress.

Not only do I notice the improvements during practice, but my coach does as well.  These changes are here to stay!  I couldn’t have made this progress without seeing Ramzy.  I highly recommend Nova Hypnosis and Wellness.  You will see results.

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