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    Can Hypnosis Help Me Manage My Pain?

    Can Hypnosis Help Me Manage My Pain?

    Do you hurt constantly? Are you wrestling with pain from cancer, arthritis, TMJ, or back or neck issues? Are you tired of dealing with all the side effects of pain medication? Do you wish there was some other way of finding relief? There is: hypnosis.

    Managing chronic pain is tough.  Clients often come to us at the end of their rope, exhausted from both their discomfort and all the effort it takes to deal with ongoing pain. “Can hypnosis help manage my pain?” is all they want to know.

    Our answer is, “Yes!

    Hypnosis is a powerful tool for pain management.  Our clients typically report some level of pain relief after only one session. This is achieved through a powerful, interactive and fun process of hypnosis where your therapist guides you to the appropriate level (depth) of hypnosis for the presenting problem through a series of suggestions. Once at the appropriate level of hypnosis, your subconscious mind is optimally open and receptive to the combination of positive suggestions co-created by you and your therapist during the intake portion of the session. Because hypnotherapy occurs on the level of the subconscious mind, change can often be more dramatic, noticeable and permanent then when the conscious mind is engaged.

    Many clients learn how to completely alleviate their pain through self-hypnosis after only four or five sessions.*

    Hypnosis is gaining more recognition nationwide as an established option for mitigating pain. In fact, according to results from randomized controlled studies published in 2002, hypnosis had a significant and reliable impact on both procedural and chronic pain. Other research, published in 2007, showed that hypnosis was more effective for chronic pain than physical therapy or education.

    Our Hypnotherapists are Certified Pain Management Specialists with unique training in the use of hypnosis for managing chronic or acute pain. If you or someone you know suffers from chronic pain and is ready for natural, safe, and effective relief, please call 571-295-7371 for more information and to setup a consultation.**


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    *Results may vary.

    **We recommend you always seek the advice of a licensed mental health or medical provider prior to starting any new treatment plan or with any questions regarding your medical or mental health condition. Our providers neither diagnose nor treat mental health or medical conditions, nor do they provide counseling or medical care. Please be aware our services are meant to supplement, not substitute for the care provided by your licensed mental health or medical provider.

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