What does Cars (the movie) and hypnosis have in common?

The opening scene in the Pixar movie Cars:

Lightening McQueen: “Speed!  I am Speed!  42 losers and one winner!”

Although a children’s movie, the lessons in this film are timeless and pertinent.  What’s actually happening in this scene?  It’s called auto-suggestion. Pre-race warmup, psyching yourself up…whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same thing.  And it accomplishes the same thing: focusing the mind and body on what’s about to happen or what is about to be accomplished.

Lightening McQueen: “Faster than fast! I eat losers for breakfast!”

When looking for a hypnotist, you definitely want someone that will work together with you to create a routine for auto-suggestion that is going to support the work you do in hypnosis. We’ve found that the best results occur when we help our clients re-wire the associations to specific events on a subconscious level, using hypnosis and then repeating with conscious routines and behaviors.  Hypnosis is always best supported with routines that complement the desired outcome. Sometimes referred to as auto-suggestion, the act of providing suggestions to oneself, these routine components result in much greater progress to the client.  They are exercises in “lighting up” your neural pathways on the outcome you want.  The more you “light up” the neural pathways the stronger they become.

So, although it may appear that something has little benefit, the actual process of auto-suggestion, such as that done by Lightening McQueen during this scene, playfully illustrates just how easy it is to reinforce changes on a neural-pathway level with simple concise and outcome directed language. You will be surprised at how quickly we notice negative language and how destructive it becomes to our desired outcomes.

Top Tip:  Most folks don’t use auto-suggestion because they believe that it doesn’t make logical sense or they don’t have time. Tony Robbins has a great quote: “you can’t influence someone when you’re judging them.” Similarly, you can’t be in the moment with yourself and direct your own focus when you are analyzing, labeling, evaluating the simple act and content of an auto-suggestion. It takes 5 minutes during the day and perhaps five minutes before bed.  Any more than that is gravy in your life.  Surely you have 5 minutes?

Focus on the following factors:

1.). Simple message (e.g. I am Speed!)

2.). In present tense (e.g. I AM… powerful, capable, deserving, etc.)

3.)  Use the action word to match the desired outcome (e.g. stressed out…I AM CALM.  Scared?… I AM POWERFUL.

Combine the perspective change hypnosis provides with the targeted and supportive auto-suggestions and you’ll find yourself unstoppable!

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