Unshakeable Confidence Series.
Life is easier when you're confident.
Many people think successful people are just born confident.  This couldn't be farther from the truth.  Behind every successful person is a pattern of behavior that feeds their confidence and leads to their success.  Learn these techniques (and more!) in this exciting workshop series!
A series of three unforgettable workshops designed to give you truly unshakeable confidence!  Sign-up for all three and save $100!
Location: Tyson's Corner, McLean, VA
Have you ever lacked confidence in an important situation? Perhaps an interview? Or maybe you decided not to try out for a promotion or negotiate for a higher salary because of a lack of confidence? 

If the statements above resonate with you, you’re definitely not alone. A 2016 Forbes.com article highlighted a research study of 985,000 men and women across 48 different countries and found that women consistently have less confidence than men all over the world.
Reasons why women lack confidence abound, but I’m not interested in analyzing why women lack confidence; rather, I’m passionate about teaching women how to let go of limiting beliefs and summon massive confidence, on demand, in the moments when it matters most.
Having spent over a decade in the Marine Corps as a combat pilot flying Harrier jets, I have mastered the art of confidence. My techniques for directing the mind allows me to manifest positive outcomes with ease, whether that means winning at the negotiating table, closing a sale, or simply standing up for myself with tact in a touchy situation. And while some people speculate that, as a Marine, I must be a very masculine woman, I can tell you this is definitely not the case. Rather, I am decidedly feminine and remain that way even in my most confident moments. 
In these three upcoming workshops, I will teach you how to become unshakably confident in an instant, no matter how unnerved or fearful you may be initially. I will teach you how to let go of limiting beliefs and instantly access your inner resources for generating confidence in an instant. Each workshop will be jam-packed with information, inspiration, and opportunities to practice what you learn. And while you can sign-up for individual workshops, they build on each other to give you the solid foundation you need to be confident in every situation.  Please see below for more details.

This workshop series is my passion project and I hope to be able to share that passion with you. I have crafted each workshop to be fun, informative, and, most importantly, transformative.  And the great thing is, with my "Satisfaction Guaranteed" (read below) promise you have nothing to lose.  
Location: Tyson's Corner, McLean, VA
Workshop 1
Rewrite your story.  Discard your limiting beliefs.
October 14, 2017 8:30am-12:30pm
What limiting beliefs are holding you back? What new beliefs will move you forward?  In this workshop you will lay the foundation for unshakeable confidence by rewriting your old story and discovering new truths about yourself and your abilities.  Your life will never be the same again!
"The difficulty lies not so much 
in developing new ideas 
as in escaping from old ones."
                  -John Maynard Keynes
Workshop 2
Know yourself. Shape your future.
October 21st, 2017, 8:30am-12:30pm
Are you living a life that aligns with your values and desires? In this workshop, you will uncover what you want in life and what truly drives you.  You will first understand and prioritize your needs and personal values, then you will decide one outcome you want for your life.  You will then take action and set in motion the change you desire. 
"Don't get confused between what people say you are and what you know you are."
Workshop 3
Techniques for confidence.  Anytime.  Anyplace.
October 28th, 2017, 8:30am-12:30pm
You've rewritten your story. You've identified and prioritized your values and human needs.  You've decided what you really want and taken action. Now, how do you get and keep your head in the game when it matters most? In this workshop you will learn three valuable techniques to keep you moving forward with unshakeable confidence. Promise!
"Confidence is like a muscle...the more you use it, the stronger it gets."

Location: Tyson's Corner, McLean, VA
Satisfaction Guarantee
We have thoughtfully crafted this workshop with the goal of providing a quality service to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. If by the first break you are not satisfied with the training, we will refund your money. We ask that you let us know of any concerns or dissatisfaction prior to the start of the second half of the workshop. 
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