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Mental & Emotional Mastery
6-Week Bootcamp
Lead by NLP Master Coach and Board Certified Hypnotist, Monica Marusceac
Have you ever thought that if you could just master your mind and your emotions you could achieve so much more? You’re right. You can know greater success in work and in life by gaining control over how you react to the events in your life.
See if this sounds like you…
You are incredibly busy and have more responsibilities than hours in the day. You have a million pokers in the fire and at the end of the day, you collapse, mentally and emotionally drained from worries, which constantly consume you and bleed into every aspect of your life. Personal concerns drain your mental and emotional resources, leaving you depleted, unfocused, and unproductive at the worst possible times. Work worries, in turn, bleed into your personal life, contaminating the precious time you should be spending focused on your friends and loved ones. In short, you feel completely overwhelmed by all the stress. Your tank is empty and it feels like it’s never going to get filled because there is simply too much going on.
The long-term effects of stress aren’t pretty…
• Damaged relationships 
• Job loss 
• Over-eating 
• Weight gain 
• Financial difficulties 
• Poor health 
• Thinning or graying hair 
• Acne or blotchy skin 
• Irritable bowels 
• Constipation or diarrhea 
• Accelerated aging  
• Hypertension 
• Cardiovascular disease 
• Suppressed immune system 
• Depression 
• Anxiety 
• Insomnia

Monica marusceac
Av-8b harrier jet pilot
When I first started flying for the Marines, I knew that to survive, literally and figuratively, I needed to control my thinking and my reaction to stress. I couldn’t let my emotions control me, and believe me I was scared and overwhelmed many times. I was the only female Harrier jet pilot in my squadron, the second woman to ever fly Harriers in combat, and the only woman on our air-craft carrier in the Gulf of Aden, with a bunch of men that would have liked nothing more than to see me fail. I needed a way to control what I was thinking and feeling on command.

The techniques below are what got me through each day and each deployment. They helped me ace every flight and land on top of that carrier—that rocking, pitching carrier—successfully each time. I used them when preparing for flights, when dealing with difficult colleagues, and to refocus after moments of terror in flight. These techniques have kept me alive, have kept me focused on what is truly important. They have kept my marriage intact during long deployments, and have kept me aligned with my values. It is now my mission to teach you how to think like a jet pilot too and help you accelerate yourself into the happiest, most productive, and most satisfying period of your life. Leverage my background and experience and learn these three keys to mental and emotional mastery.
While modern psychology defines “compartmentalization” in negative terms: “Compartmentalization is an unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or the mental discomfort and anxiety caused by a person's having conflicting values, cognitions, emotions, beliefs, etc. within themselves,” this is not the compartmentalization I’m referring to.
Healthy compartmentalization involves isolating one aspect of life, applying extreme focus, and then, at the appropriate time, closing that compartment and moving on to the next. A compartment could be work, kids, intimate relationship, etc. This approach keeps worries and concerns isolated within problem area of your life and prevents unnecessary spillover of those worries and concerns into other areas. has an excellent article discussing healthy compartmentalization for success in business and in life.
During my time as a Marine jet pilot, I employed compartmentalization on a daily basis in order to function at the highest possible level, regardless of what else was going on in my life. I kept my mind focused on flying while in the jet and on work while at work, and I left my personal problems at home. Likewise, once I left the squadron, I freed myself up to be fully present in my marriage and with my friends by leaving the frustrations, fears and disappointments of the day back at the squadron.
But compartmentalization is only the beginning… 

 “Without a vision, people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)  
Know your desired outcome and imagine it as accomplished in order to achieve it.
Pilots call it chair flying; the rest of us call it visualization. Whatever you want to call it, without a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, whether that is to feel a certain way, to accomplish a certain task, etc., it is unlikely that you will accomplish it.
The discipline of daily visualization provides clarity, confidence, and inner calm, the Three C’s every skilled jet pilot and highly successful person experiences daily after using visualization to set their course for the day. 

Like elite athletes, word-class performance artists, and famous public speakers, pilots have unique sets of habits which they utilize to put themselves in the appropriate mental and emotional state. I call these rituals.
Like lighting a candle before a romantic dinner, or putting on perfume, rituals (of any kind) serve to “put us in the mood.” In other words, rituals facilitate a shift in focus and thereby, a change in our mental or emotional state.
As a society, we don’t use rituals often enough; instead, we react to our internal and external environment rather than shape it to align with our desired outcomes.
Pilots don’t have that problem. Pilots leverage the power of rituals, whether verbal (e.g. checklists, preflight briefs, etc.), kinesthetic (e.g. strapping in, hand and arm movements, etc.) or visual (e.g. visual checkpoints, instrument scan, etc.) to “get in the mood” and execute flawlessly regardless of what is going on in their lives otherwise. 
What if you could master your thoughts and feelings and live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life by just learning and mastering these three key skills?
What if you could master the art of consistently and reliably isolating your worries and concerns within the respective area of your life? Imagine how much more satisfying life would be…
What if you could master the discipline of visualizing your desired outcome in advance of every encounter, scenario, or event? Imagine how much more rewarding life would be…
What if you could master the skill of changing your mood and entering a state of peak performance in five seconds or less? Imagine how much more passionate life would be… 
In this course, drawing from my decades of experience as a 
combat jet pilot and United States Marine, I will teach you to:
  • Identify the self-limiting story you’ve been telling yourself  
  • Discover the powerful truth of who you really are  
  • Rewrite your story using this powerful new truth  
  • Identify a desired outcome for every minute of every day  
  • Identify the primary purpose behind your desired outcome  
  • Evaluate choices via your desired outcomes  
  • Create powerful visualizations that inspire  
  • Create triggers for taking the right action at the right time  
  • Become aware of the meaning given to events, people, etc. and how this meaning affects your state  
  • Silence negative self-talk and dissolve limiting beliefs  
  • Connect regularly with your higher self  Breathe for Clarity, Confidence and Calm  
  • Instantly enter peak mental and emotional states  
  • Sustain these peak performance states indefinitely  
  • Rapidly put yourself into a state of flow and be “in the zone” 
  • Create powerful rituals   
  • Evaluate life from the 50,000 foot level 
  • Make decisions at Mach speed  
  • Integrate the mind, body and spirit for living life to its max
If You're Ready To...
  •  Be more productive 
  •  Discover what fulfills you  
  •  Let go of old fears  
  •  Establish empowering new habits  
  •  Wake up with energy every day  
  •  Feel excited about what you can accomplish
  •  Gain more confidence
  •  Experience clarity, confidence and calm  
  •  Let go of the past  
  •  Experience more love and connection 
  •  Live a balanced life
When you enroll in this 6-week Boot Camp you will receive:
Six three-hour, in-person, classes each consisting of 
three parts:
  •   Introduction of one or more of the main concepts behind thinking and making decisions as quickly and as confidently as a jet pilot
  •  Demonstration and practice time for mastery  
  •  Time for brainstorming, coaching, and problem solving individuals’ challenges  
- In-class refreshments (coffee, tea, water, snacks) 

- Custom embossed journal for note-taking

- Tony Robbin’s book: Awaken the Giant Within
Spring program is full.  
The fall program starts September 6th!
Wednesdays – 4-7pm  
Location: McLean, VA
Join Today and Save! 
PreSale Pricing: $995
(Early bird pricing available until May 3rd)

Regular Pricing: $2,495
"If you can’t, then you must!"  
- Tony Robbins 
While absolute results or outcomes cannot be guaranteed given that success is a highly personal process and dependent on the individual’s level of participation, I can and do guarantee outstanding service and unparalleled professionalism. If, by the end of the first session, you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, please let me know before the start of second session and I will do absolutely everything in my power to ensure your 100% Satisfaction and happiness. If you have shown up, participated and decided it’s not the right program for you, I’ll give you 100% of your money back!  
If you're looking to master your moods and rapidly enter a state of peak performance, then this group is for you! 

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