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    Fear of Flying Hypnosis Testimonial: During take off, I am completely relaxed…

    I heard about NOVA Hypnosis and Wellness through my friend Michelle R, (who also wrote a review on Yelp.) I saw Michelle recently at a work conference, and she mentioned that she took  a new position within her company that required her to fly frequently. Knowing that Michelle had a extreme fear of flying I was surprised that she would accept a position that came with such travel commitments. When I questioned how she was going to handle all of the flying in her new job, to my astonishment, Michelle said “Oh I am a good flier now!”  and when I heartily laughed she said “No, really, I am!”  Ok so knowing Michelle’s fear, I was completely intrigued about this new found confidence.  Then she told me about Ramzy and NOVA Hypnosis and Wellness.

    I had the initial questions that probably everyone has who has NO CLUE what to expect from hypnosis other than what I had seen on TV.  (Seriously my first question to her was “Am I going to periodically and spontaneously cluck like a chicken or something when these sessions are over?” And “How does this work- do you go into a trance while on the plane?” She of course laughed hysterically and told me she would send me Ramzy’s contact info.)

    Without hesitation, I can honestly say that one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was to make that phone call to NOVA Hypnosis and Wellness.

    Over the last two years I have been doing much more air travel as my work position grew to include National Sales oversight. Just this past year I clocked over 30,000 air miles for work, but I noticed that as the time drew near for each flight, I was getting more and more anxiety both before and especially during the flight.  I came to feel powerless every time the flight encountered some turbulence, so much so that my head usually ended up plastered to the seat in front of me to steady myself during the bumps! I decided I really did not want to live under so much stress since so much of my time was on an airplane. So I booked a consultation with Ramzy and to my great relief, my life is now forever changed for the better! After 4 back to back sessions and the initial consultation, I am now “one of those people” who I used to marvel at on planes- you know the ones who are sleeping before take off and all the way through the flight! I am SO relaxed on flights now that I travel with my neck pillow because invariably I end up with my head so far back or to one side that my neck starts to hurt! Honestly, even though I am aware of turbulence, I am so relaxed that I can’t even bring my body to tighten up! AND for the first time in my history of flying (19 years,) During take off, I am completely relaxed- like just got out of a massage kind of relaxed!  Normally I would tighten every muscle in my body as the plane sped down the runway.

    There is so much more I could write; I could go on and on singing the praises of NOVA Hypnosis and Wellness and Ramzy Ayachi and how much more peaceful and focused my life in ALL areas now is. Ramzy is extremely professional and is very well trained in his craft. I appreciate how prepared he was for our sessions and how much he truly cared about what I was going through. And he is definitely “the great encourager.” You will feel like you can conquer anything after sessions with him.

    One point I wanted to make very clear. Ramzy and Monica and the staff at NOVA take what they do very seriously.  I am an educated, professional business woman who has spent most of my career at the top of my game.  Before meeting Ramzy and Monica I had the notion Hypnosis was superficial and mostly for TV purposes. I am a living testimony that Hypnosis is not just for Hippies in bare feet with flowers in their hair- not that there is anything wrong with that! 🙂  However, it is also for today’s professional person, athlete, parent, and for anyone who is looking to not only conquer fear, or unwanted  habits, but it’s also great for focus and self awareness.  If you are open, the possibilities are truly endless.  If my testimony helps just one person to call Nova Hypnosis and Wellness that is a success to me indeed.  Make that call- I promise, you will be so very glad you did!

    Joannie F.


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