• 02 MAR 16
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    Hypnosis Testimonial: I was genuinely surprised at the changes I saw…

    My experience with Nova Hypnosis was amazing.
    I’ll try and explain why….

    I went here to try something I was curious about: hypnosis.
    I’d heard about it but never fully understood what it was, let alone believed in it.
    From the moment I made my first call I felt really appreciated as a client.

    Ramzi is wonderful.
    His calm and caring demeanor are unique.
    He asked me about my goals, what he might be able to help me with, and explained the overall process.
    No pressure, no pitch.
    He’s a person who genuinely wants to help others around them.
    It’s just who he is. He has a gift for helping people.
    He also has a great sense of humor.

    I went through a few sessions of hypnosis and was surprised at what happened.
    Everyone’s goals and experience are different, as they should be, so I won’t go into too many details. I will say this: I was genuinely surprised at the changes I saw. I saw changes that I highly doubted were possible, with or without hypnosis.

    It was a unique, positive experience that was very much worth the investment.
    Thank you Nova Hypnosis and Wellness!

    HistoryDude G.


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