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    Stop Smoking Hypnosis Testimonial: My whole thought process changed…

    I had been a smoker for 17 years, more than half my life. I had tried numerous other methods to quit smoking including, Chantix, and was unsuccessful in my efforts. I have had a desire to quit for quite a while and was beginning to feel hopeless. I decided that I would try hypnosis as a last ditch effort.

    I was very skeptical prior to my initial visit with Ramzy. The first time I went into to learn more I spent quite a bit of time with Ramzy discussing how it works and what to expect. Ramzy really made me feel like this was something that would change my life and I have to admit I was invigorated. I was ready to make the commitment and quit for good, even though I was still skeptical. Ramzy explained how they matched the subjects with the hypnotist and I was paired with Josh.

    On the way to the first session with Josh I became skeptical again. I was going to be hypnotized with someone I had never met and didn’t even know if I would be comfortable in the setting. After meeting Josh we sat down and discussed the trigger points and reasons I wanted to quit. He explained what to expect and how it would work…and then we began. I was in a hypnotic state for just under an hour…and it felt like 5 minutes. I must say it was the most bizarre feeling – I can remember most of everything that was said in the session, but it was in a blink of an eye.

    After leaving the first session I felt relaxed, but still skeptical. It was mind boggling…I couldn’t understand how the time was so different in the session. The first two days I did have some cravings but when I would think about smoking I was amazed at how my mind would slow down and begin to process what I thought I wanted and then remind myself how bad it was for you.

    The second session wasn’t scheduled for another 2 weeks….could I make it? Was this really going to work? As each day passed I thought about smoking less and less, and when I did, I thought about it in a completely different way. I went into the second session truly amazed at how my whole thought process changed.

    I am almost 6 weeks into my life as a non-smoker and I barely think about smoking. I cannot say enough how amazed and grateful I am to Ramzy and Josh. I am typically very skeptical and anyone trying it would be justified in feeling that way. If you are truly committed to quitting , it will work. I couldn’t be happier.

    Thanks again to Ramzy and Josh!

    Rick T.


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