Tom T.

I came to NoVa Hypnosis and Wellness to learn how to move beyond the high pressure, stress, and anxiety of my job. I don’t have a lot of room for error in my job and instead of feeling stuck and fearful, I wanted to grow, improve, and rekindle my passion for the work that used to inspire me.

Ramzy has helped me tremendously in all of these areas and more. In the year and half that we’ve been working together, I’ve noticed that my relationships with my work colleagues have improved and I’ve grown more confident and assertive. Ramzy and I are still working on a specific long-term goal that I perceive as an incredible personal challenge, but I trust the process and I believe Ramzy can help me break through to achieve this goal.

My initial motivation for coming to NoVa Wellness and Hypnosis was purely for professional growth but I’ve found that the work that Ramzy and I have done has improved my relationships with my family, my fiancée, to money, and has even helped my mental game with tennis.

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