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Webinars to Help You Operate at Peak Performance!

“I greatly appreciated these techniques for their ability to further refine my skills . . .The benefits are huge!”                

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"I will be referring friends and colleagues seeking tools for refinement (sales people, triathletes, principals, small business owners, those in career transition) ... " Larissa M.

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Coming Fall 2017:

Presented by: 
Monica Marusceac 
Founder & Director  
Ramzy Ayachi
Director of Training  

Fall 2017 Webinars
Date: Fall 2017
Don't miss this opportunity to learn these proven techniques and start getting better results in sales, right now!
Do You Know How to Read VAK?
Everyone perceives the world differently. Some people describe their environment through a predominantly visual lens. Others experience the world through a primarily auditory channel, while still others seem to “feel” their way through the world. What if you could immediately discern someone’s primary sensory modality and use that information to customize your communication patterns for maximum effect?

VAK stands for Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and it is a method for quickly understanding how people experience the world and process information. Learn how to use this methodology to understand those around you within seconds of meeting them and learn the three key communication strategies for maximum impact. This webinar is ideal for parents, teachers and coaches, and people in sales and business development.
Date: Fall 2017
Don't miss this opportunity to learn how the right mindset can help you start getting the results you want, right now!
Revel in Your Successes. 
Learn from Your Failures. 
Have you ever noticed how truly successful people talk about themselves? Successful people use first-person language to describe their accomplishments. Meanwhile, ask them about their failures and they switch to third-person language to talk about their “learning experiences.” Successful people own their successes and completely disassociate from their moments of failure. How much more successful could you be if you could do the same thing?

Join us to learn “Success Track,” an important technique for getting yourself into a “success mindset.” This webinar is ideal for people in performance dependent professions such as sales and business development, competitive athletes and the coaches who train them, and students in challenging academic environments.
Date: Fall 2017
Learn how your inner animal can help you in your personal and professional life.
What Animal Are You?
Our inner animals say a lot about us. The animals we relate to go to the values we respect and respect in ourselves and others. Just like people, animals have strengths and weaknesses; things that make them admirable or feared. 

What animal do you connect with the most? What is it about that animal that you admire? Their strength? Their speed and agility? Their empathy? What could you achieve if you could channel those characteristics. 

Join us to learn how your inner animal can help you in your personal and professional life.
The first 25 people to register for all three webinars in any given month receive THREE FREE GIFTS!
  •  Mindset Inventory Workbook to help you gain clarity about thinking and behaviors that are holding you back.
  •  Personal review of your workbook by Monica Marusceac, Founder and Director of Peak Performance Associates.
  •  Fifteen minute phone consultation with Monica to discuss her review of your workbook and answer questions.
Big Yes, Huge No: One powerful technique for saying “YES!” to success and “NO!” to procrastination
Presented on:
Wednesday, May 17th
11-12pm EDT
Recording available.
Step into excellence: Transform stress into success 
in one minute or less
Presented on:
 Wednesday, May 10th
11-12pm EDT
Recording available here...
This webinar is great for salespeople, managers, business owners, public speakers, and athletes....or anyone who needs to access confidence on demand.
Instant Charisma: Top Three Things You Can Do 
To Build Rapport Instantly.  
Presented on:
 Wednesday, May 3rd
11-12pm EDT
Build Rapport Instantly
Did you know that research shows it takes 1/10th of a second or less for people to decide whether or not they trust someone after meeting them.
How to build rapport instantly
Sorry, recording not available...
Building a Strong Sales Mindset
What a Marine Corps pilot knows about sales mindset

"You scored another 1000% with Monica's webinar yesterday.  She brought home the concept of the "how" when you need to be focused on your objectives. Now you know why she was a Marine pilot for 11+ years"  - Jeff

Recording available here...
Monica "Moose" Marusceac - mindset training
Learn three techniques Marine jet pilots use to get in the zone (and stay there) for peak performance under stress.  Use these techniques yourself in your personal life or professional life, anywhere, anytime you need to perform at your best.
Learn how Hypnosis and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) can help your student reach their highest potential

Recording available here...

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