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We help you get unstuck and become unstoppable!

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.

Compassionate Change Experts.

Hypnosis is our tool to help you create lasting change in your life when other strategies have failed.

Who we are.

Partners on your journey to lasting change.

Dedicated Professionals

Hypnosis facilitates change faster than conventional approaches alone.

Why we do it.

Behavior change starts with a change in the Old Brain.

Commitment to success.

Our habits (good or bad) have their roots in the Old Brain, not in the New Brain.

What we do.

We help you let go of limiting beliefs and painful stories.

Reset your mindset.

Our unique yet proven techniques facilitate lasting change on a deep, emotional level.

Founder’s Vision…  

“I believe that the mind is the final frontier.  Therapeutic hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is the wave of the future.  Currently, hypnosis and NLP are where acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage were thirty years ago, underutilized and often misunderstood…

In the near future, therapeutic hypnosis and NLP will be accepted solutions for everything from procrastination to pain.  Hypnosis and NLP will have become commonplace household terms as people everywhere have accepted the reality that the mind is the ultimate healer, the ultimate medicine, and the ultimate game changer in life…

People are becoming aware that they are the CEOs of their lives and they have a responsibility to maintain better control over their mental state because the mind controls the emotions, affects the health of the physical body, and directs life outcomes.  People everywhere will possess the intrinsic understanding that whatever their mind can imagine, they can achieve…

Very soon, people will be visiting their local professional hypnotist before reaching for alternatives such as medication, surgery, or other procedures because “mindset produces destiny” will have become a commonly held belief.”

Monica Marusceac, CEO & Founder

Benefit from our creativity, intuition & dedication.


We combine unique and creative strategies with exceptional proficiency to provide you with an unparalleled experience.


Our personalized, intuitive approach helps you relate to old problems in new ways and achieve lasting change more rapidly.


Our dedication to providing customized services that are outcome-oriented, results in your long-term success.

Meet Our Team

Monica Marusceac, BCH
Monica Marusceac, BCHFounder & CEO
Monica is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Master NLP Practitioner/Trainer, Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, AV-8B Harrier pilot, and Marine Corps Reserve Officer.
Ramzy Ayachi, BCH, CI
Ramzy Ayachi, BCH, CIChief Learning Officer
Ramzy is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor, Master NLP Practitioner and Instructor, Certified Health Coach, CH-53E pilot, and retired Marine Corps officer.
Dee Romanek, CH
Dee Romanek, CHCertified Consulting Hypnotist
Dee is Consulting Hypnotist certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists and a Certified NeuroLinguistic Practitioner with the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming.
Ivana Lombardo, CH
Ivana Lombardo, CHCertified Consulting Hypnotist & Health Coach
Ivana is a Consulting Hypnotist certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists, an NLP Practitioner and a Health and Wellness Coach certified through Georgetown.
Gina Stracuzzi
Gina StracuzziCertified Nutritional Coach
Gina is a Certified Nutritional Coach with a Graduate Certificate in Global Public Health and an MA in Culture and Communication.

Let go of limiting beliefs and become unstoppable today.

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