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About Dee

Dee is fascinated by the intersection of hypnosis and mindfulness and actively explores ways each modality can support the other when working with clients. An approachable, attuned and engaged provider, Dee has an attentive ear, an open mind, a compassionate heart and an intuitive ability to understand the ideas and feelings of others. She has always been drawn to the power of stories in people’s lives and uses that appreciation to help clients recognize the connections in the stories they share and the issues they are looking to address.  Keenly aware of how the narratives we craft have the power to affect us in myriad ways – whether it’s the language we use or the scenes we bring to mind – Dee knows that our thoughts inevitably manifest in our bodies and produce either pleasure or pain.  A firm believer in embracing what works and releasing what doesn’t, Dee harnesses the insights she gleans from clients stories to guide her clients to rewrite their narratives and experience massive breakthroughs using a combination of hypnosis and NLP.

Dee is a lifelong resident of the DC area.  She received a BA in Philosophy from the College of William and Mary, and worked in television prior to raising her two wonderful sons in Arlington, Virginia.  Time spent out of the traditional workforce allowed Dee the ability to engage with the local community, with civic engagement, politics and human connection remaining a top priority in her life.  Dee and her husband have embraced their empty nest by filling it with good friends and frequent travel, both of which only serve to reaffirm that connection adds depth and texture to our lives – be it near or far.  Dee is certified in both hypnosis and NLP.

Who Works With Dee

For Dee, any client who is suffering is a client she wants to help.  Her primary specialities are anxiety, pain management, and weight loss, but Dee has helped an array of clients with stress reduction, self-doubt, fears and smoking cessation.

How to Work With Dee

The first step to working with Dee is to sign up for an initial online assessment with her.


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