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About Monica

Founder and CEO of Peak Performance Associates and NoVA Hypnosis & Wellness, Monica combines her passion for helping people understand their own innate strength, with her out-of-the-box thinking to provide her clients with unconventional perspectives and ideas.  The results have earned her a small legion of grateful clients who have personally experienced her amazing ability to reset mindsets and change lives.

Monica’s instinctual understanding of the ideas and feelings of others inspires them to become involved advocates in their own change process.  Never boring, always experimenting, Monica has an uncanny ability to captivate the imagination of those she works with.  She uses hypnosis and NLP to strategically persuade and inspire clients to embrace change and guides them to discover new ways to solve old problems in thinking and in how they approach life; she’s even been known to help clients change the rules of their life entirely.

Monica’s success with helping clients is born from the marriage of her outgoing, experimental, and highly intuitive personality and a background that brings some unusual skills to her practice. A board-certified hypnotist and NLP practitioner and trainer, Monica is also a former Marine combat fighter pilot, now Marine reservist.  The combination of her essential intuition, precision focus as a pilot and her years of hypnosis training and practice allow her to hone in on her clients’ needs with pinpoint accuracy.  This allows her and her clients to work effectively and efficiently to bring about highly tailored solutions in the shortest amount of time possible.

It is Monica’s commitment to excellence, along with her unshakeable belief that everything we are and everything we want starts with the mind, that led her to start this center for change.  Her belief in the power of the subconscious mind, and hypnosis to unlock it, started in college when she began dabbling in it with friends.  Always a quick study, Monica used her new skills in hypnosis throughout college and her military career, something that, without knowing it at the time, changed the trajectory of her life.   Originally on track to go to medical school after leaving active duty, Monica decided she could help more people through hypnosis after seeing how many people were able to overcome their mental, emotional and even some physical problems, with the assistance of guided hypnosis.  Now, years later, she can’t imagine doing anything but this work; it is her calling.

Monica is a graduate of Cornell University and the Marine Officer Candidate School. She enjoys snowboarding, scuba diving and spending time with her husband, two sons and three Siberian Huskies.

Who Monica Works With

Monica primarily works with women between 30-60 years of age who are going through major life transitions and struggling with excessive stress and anxiety as a result of too many obligations and commitments.  Despite their challenges, Monica’s clients are very high functioning, high-powered women who just want more out of life than what they’re currently getting.  More often than not, these amazing ladies struggle with their committed relationships where intimacy and passion might be waning, feel unfulfilled at work where their talents and abilities are not being appreciated, and are often mothers to one or more children who need their support and love, no matter the day, the time, or what else might be going on.  Monica’s clients usually feel pulled in twenty different directions at any given time and are often approaching their breaking point when they finally decide to work with her. Monica’s past clients have included CEOs, military officers, lawyers, federal agents, intelligence officers, nonprofit directors, political strategists, professors, authors, and other super-achievers in the areas of real estate, tech, science, medicine, and more.

Monica uses hypnosis, neuro-linguistic language patterns, and other unconventional approaches to inspire her clients to find their true north, overcome limiting beliefs, gain clarity, learn how to change mental and emotional state in seconds, and ultimately, take the massive action necessary to transform their lives.

How to Work With Monica

Monica takes an immersive approach when it comes to helping women achieve lasting change.  In order to serve each client best, Monica takes a maximum of three new clients per month, each of whom receive a customized experience with her over the course of six months that includes:

  1. one-on-one, in-person hypnosis or coaching sessions
  2. one-on-one check-ins via Zoom
  3. daily reinforcement via Monica’s personal text and personal email
  4. access to pre-recorded hypnosis sessions for additional assistance (as needed)

The first step to working with Monica is to sign up for an initial online assessment.

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